October 19, 2021

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Insurrection At The Iowa State Capitol As BLM Clash With Troopers

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TROOPERS clashed with Black Lives Matter activists during a protest at the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday.

Footage from the scene appears to show protesters wearing face masks, holding signs and chanting inside of the building in Des Moines.

State troopers were then seen clashing with the activists. One woman was arrested by the officers in the footage.

According to the Iowa Department of Administrative Services calendar, Black Lives Matter were holding a protest at the Capitol Complex today from 11am to 6pm.

“We are gathering together to protest against the dangerous bills that are breezing through the State Legislature: SF497/SF534, SF479, SF476, HF802,” the description read.

They also planned and organized the event on Facebook. A flyer for the event says that “Iowan politicians are passing racist and dangerous bills. They don’t think we’re paying attention. They’re wrong.”

The flyer went on to say “we need your voice to kill the bills. Be there and be loud.”

Thursday’s protest follows on from a January 6 insurrection of the United States Capitol in Washington DC.

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