August 16, 2022

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Australian TV Host Calls For Couple Who Fled Lockdown To Be Doxxed, Co-Host Disagrees

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Today show host Karl Stefanovic known for his odd meltdowns and all-around annoying personality called for the woman who fled locked-down Melbourne with her husband to be “named and shamed” and have ‘the book thrown at them.

The woman, 44, tested positive on Wednesday but may have been infectious from the day she left Melbourne on June 1, which was already in lockdown.

Police believe the couple crossed the NSW-Queensland border at the remote rural town of Goondiwindi on June 5 in a bid to evade authorities.

The couple likely drove the scenic route so they could avoid passing through the Gold Coast – where police perform 100 random intercepts a day with strict border control measures in place. 

Six close contacts of the woman have been identified so far, including her husband who has now tested positive..  

The remaining five close contacts are quarantining at a house together on the Sunshine Coast until their results come back. 

‘I think there is understandable anger across regional Victoria, into regional NSW and then into some of those regional parts of Queensland as well particularly, because they have done such a great job protecting themselves against COVID,’ the Today show co-host fumed on Thursday morning.

‘A lot of people are furious. They have to throw the book at these people. They have to. I’m not averse to naming and shaming. We have to get this message through.’ 

Co-host Allison Langdon being the voice of reason to Karl’s complete and utter madness agreed that the couple should be punished but stopped short of demanding that they be named and shamed. 

‘My initial reaction is I want to know who they are, they’ve done the wrong thing but if you do that, you don’t have people coming forward and don’t have people getting tested,’ she argued.

Stefanovic and his ego was having none of that and continued his unhinged rant.

‘They are going to get named if they’re charged,’ he claimed.

This is false. People can be charged and a judge can place a gag order. Everyone knows this…expect Karl clearly.

‘How do you not get it? How do you not get that message through and maybe embarrassment is a way of doing it.’ 

‘How does the message not get through? It puts enormous stress on people who are now waiting for tests and enormous stress on businesses,” he added ignoring the fact countless scientists came out saying Victoria didn’t need to go into another lockdown. Ignoring the fact it’s the Government that has put enormous stress on businesses.

‘Let’s just hope [the couple has] got a good excuse,’ the then said as some sort of strange warning.

With tensions high in Australia due to the constant lockdowns that have left many struggling financially, losing jobs, businesses struggling, or having to close for good, Karl calling for the couple to doxxed is very dangerous. Would he take responsibility if the couple or family members or friends were to be attacked because a TV host can’t control his temper and think logically? Will he take responsibility if people stop coming forward because they’re too afraid an unhinged narcissistic douchebag will scream at them on national TV?

Doubt it.

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