October 25, 2021

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Cicadas Made Their Move On Biden’s Press Plane and Won Total Domination

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Cicadas Made Their Move On Biden’s Press Plane and Won Total Domination

The Press plane set to carry dozens of journalists to Europe to cover Biden’s first trip abroad was on the runway, ready to take off when cicadas made their move, A NYT reporter posted on Twitter.

The cicadas swarmed and filled the plane’s engines. It was supposed to be a 9 p.m. departure, however, the plane was grounded and Biden’s aides had to scramble for another way to get the reporters overseas. The flight was delayed until 11. And then eventually until 2:15 a.m.

With billions of cicadas flying around much of the eastern United States in recent weeks Biden’s press plane stood no chance against the determination and will power of the flying insects. In the nation’s capital,

The cicadas are constantly on the attack, NYT reports that they have ‘crawled up the necks of TV journalists, splattered across car windshields and gotten tangled in the hair of anyone braving the swampy, 90-degree heat.’

White House travel officials delivered news of the cicada attack to reporters gathered at the airport hotel, along with assurances that a new plane – safe from the terrorist cicadas – was headed to Washington from New York. A new pilot in Cleveland was soon to be en route — and both, officials hoped, would make it safely through the deadly cicada cloud, which has been dense enough around Washington that it was picked up on weather radar.

But worry not, the journalists were taken care of and pizza was delivered, along with the option to get some sleep in a room at the hotel. The bar extended its hours for those who decided to stay awake and get pissed instead.

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