September 23, 2021

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Portland Business Loses Contract With City Because of ‘Thin Blue Line’ Sticker

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Portland Business Loses Contract With City Because of 'Thin Blue Line' Sticker

Owner of Oregon Concrete Solutions Chris Collins will now have to find work elsewhere after the City of Portland decided not to renew their contract with his company after a few complaints about his small Thin Blue Line sticker.

Talking to Newsmax, Chris Collins said they called after memorial day weekend to inform him that while they appreciated the quality of work that the company provides they would not be renewing their contract with his business due to the issues surrounding the Blue Line Flag.

When asked if the City asked him to remove the flag Collins replied “no” adding that the only communication before regarding the flag has been that some residents of Portland are offended and see it as a white supremacy symbol.

Due to the City of Portland bowing down to radical anti-Police leftists, Chris and his staff at Oregon Concrete Solutions are out of work.

Check out the interview with Chris Collins on Newsmax:

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