October 19, 2021

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Donald Trump Jr Congratulates Aussie Radio Host Kyle Sandilands On His 50th Birthday With Surprise Video Message

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Donald Trump Jr Congratulates Aussie Radio Host Kyle Sandilands On His 50th birthday With Surprise Video Message

Popular Australian Radio Host Kyle Sandilands received a surprise 50th birthday message from one of America’s  most prominent political figures. 

The radio shock jock on The Kyle & Jackie O Show – Australia’s biggest radio show- on KIIS-FM has long been a supporter of Donald Trump and was blown away after receiving a personalized video from the former President’s eldest son on Thursday. 

The video, which was posted to The Kyle and Jackie O Show’s Instagram page, saw Donald Trump Jr. congratulate Kyle on his big day, before thanking him for his undying support of the Trump administration. 

‘Kyle, this is Donald Trump Jr. Happy 50th birthday. I hope you have an incredible day, and I wish you many, many more to come. Obviously that’s a big milestone, so congratulations,’ the businessman said as he relaxed on a garden veranda.  

‘I hear you’re a huge supporter of my father and the family and our country, and I just want to thank you for all of that support in Australia for President Trump. We need it, and God knows down there you guys need it too,’ he continued.

Donald went on to poke fun at Kyle’s age, jokingly insinuating that the radio announcer was suffering from incontinence.

‘Jackie [Henderson] told me about your little accident on the sofa, so I hope you’re doing better. I guess maybe that comes with age or… I don’t know what. But it sounded kind of interesting, man,’ he chuckled. 

Trump Jr. ended his video by telling Kyle he hoped to see him at a Make America Great Again rally sometime soon. 

‘You’ve got to come up from Australia though. Probably not doing one down there, unless a lot changes in that Southern Hemisphere, he added, presumably referring to Australia’s strict travel rules amid the Covid pandemic. 

Kyle has never been shy to wave the Trump flag on-air, having previously revealed that he admires the former President’s ‘bad-a**ness’ 

In June 2018, Kyle admitted that his support of Donald Trump was causing friction between himself and his then-girlfriend Imogen Anthony.  

‘Imogen said I’ve got to stop talking about Trump. She said, ‘All my friends don’t like Trump.’ And I said, ‘So what? I like him,” he said on his KIIS FM show.   

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