October 18, 2021

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Emails From Mayor Lori Lightfoot Reveal She’s Crazy and Treats Her Staff Like Crap

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Emails from Mayor Lori Lightfoot Reveal She's Crazy and Treats Her Staff Like Crap

Thanks to an open record request from the Chicago Tribune, Tucker Carlson got hold of some of Lori Lightfoot’s emails. Turns out she’s every bit the person you thought she was. Bat shit cray cray.

In January, for example, Lightfoot told her staff: “I need office time every day!” exclamation point. She wrote that same line sixteen times in a row: “I need office time every day!” “I need office time every day!” “I need office time every day!” And so on. Thirteen more times.

And then, for clarity: “Not just once a week or some days, every day!” Lightfoot wrote that exact same line ten more times in a row.

Lightfoot ended her email with this: “If this doesn’t change immediately, I will just start unilaterally canceling things every day. Have I made myself clear, finally?!”

Apparently, it didn’t work. It wasn’t enough. Things did not improve in the mayor’s office, despite those missives. In May of last year, Lightfoot announced a new policy for memos that arrive late.

Late memos won’t just be rejected — they’d be torn by rage-filled fingers into millions of tiny little pieces, and cast into the wind, like chaff. Given the right weather conditions, memo fragments might blow over Lake Michigan and fall on Grand Rapids. In an email to her staff, Lightfoot attached a picture of a ripped-up document.

And yet still, somehow, she remains mayor of America’s third-largest city.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s full report here:

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