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Liberal Media Ignores Story About Hunter Biden Using Joe’s Money To Overpay Escort $25,000

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Liberal Media Ignores Story About Hunter Biden Using Joe's Credit Card To Overpay Escort $25,000

The NYT, WaPo, CNN and MSNBC are among the mainstream media outlets who have continued to ignore scandals about Hunter Biden, the president’s son. Meanwhile, the very same outlets were all to happy to report on anything to do with Trump’s family while he was president.

The latest Hunter Biden scandal involves claims he inadvertently used his father Joe’s credit card to accidentally overpay an escort $25,000.

Michael Champlain is referencing a video from the incident in which Hunter balances a line of M&Ms on his penis, which was documented in files stored on the laptop. He wrote, ‘Remember when they told you that President Trump’s children lacked morals because they operated businesses? What are they going to say about Hunter balancing M&Ms on his erect penis for a prostitute?’

Left-leaning news networks – including The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC – have so far made no mention of the story since it was broken by the Post.

This isn’t the first time leftists mainstream media outlets ignored controversy surrounding Hunter Biden. They previously ignored the story about the president’s son using the n-word, and have faced hypocrisy claims after running multiple stories on the alleged wrongdoing of Trump’s children while he was president.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that coverage would have looked far different if it involved someone in the Trump family. ‘Try to imagine one of the Trump kids dropping the n-word,’ he wrote.

Mainstream media outlets previously ignored a June 7 exclusive about Hunter using the n-word. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the double standards that would arise if it had been one of Donald's children

In order to distract from the latest Hunter Biden scandal, This week, CNN ran a story about Ivanka and Jared Trump distancing themselves from Ivanka’s dad, as well as a follow-up analysis of that claim.

CNN host Jake Tapper did mention Hunter Biden on his show – but only while discussing the president’s son’s paintings.

Jake Tapper, of CNN, mentioned Hunter in the context of another story about him selling his art to unnamed bidders - but did not reference the credit card story

Thursday’s Washington Post, also avoided mentioning the latest Hunter Biden scandal, despite being the White House hometown paper.

Thursday's Washington Post, which has also avoided mentioning the latest Hunter Biden scandal, despite being the White House hometown paper

The New York Times made no mention of the story.

Liberal media outlets in the US are facing backlash for completely ignoring Hunter Biden's prostitution scandal. The New York Times has not mentioned the story. Wednesday's edition is pictured

Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, made no mention on her show last evening about claims Hunter inadvertently used his father’s credit card to pay an escort $25,000 and she was all to happy to run constant programs about the fake pee pee tape, Russia collusion and Trump taxes. As were all the mainstream media outlets mentioned here.

Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, made no mention on her show last evening about claims Hunter inadvertently used his father¿s credit card to pay an escort $25,000

May 2018, Hunter Biden orders from his favorite Los Angeles escort sites “Yanna,” a 24-year-old Russian native from Emerald Fantasy Girls.

NYPost reports:

Yanna goes to the cottage. He smokes crack, they drink vodka, have sex, make porn. He balances a line of M&Ms on his erect penis and takes photographs of it.

All of these messages, all of these pictures, are saved on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he treats like a diary, storing every email and text conversation, his financial records, and his copious selfies. A year later, Hunter will forget the laptop at a Delaware repair shop, and it will end up in the hands of the FBI — and The Post.

Hunter’s escapades with Yanna are a glimpse into the president’s son’s debauched lifestyle, but it also raises questions about how much his finances were mingled with Joe Biden. As detailed in Hunter’s own text messages, two mysterious men would show up soon after Yanna left, asking curious questions.

Yanna stays for a couple days and wants to be paid. The problem is Hunter’s debit cards aren’t working and she’s not leaving without the $8,000 he owes her for the extended callout. On the morning of May 24, hung over and out of sorts, Hunter adds a new recipient on the cash transfer app Zelle, a woman named Gulnora, the registered agent for Emerald Fantasy Girls and Yanna’s employer.

He transfers $8,000. It doesn’t work. A few minutes later, Wells Fargo sends him a fraud detection alert. He reaches into his wallet and pulls out a card. Yanna attempts to transfer the $8,000 but it apparently doesn’t go through. He rifles through his wallet again. No luck. He pulls out another card. Bingo.

Yanna leaves and he crashes. But while he sleeps, his bank accounts are being emptied. In receipts he saves on the computer, the transactions he thought had failed have gone through, one after the other. The first $8,000 is recorded leaving his account at 10:22 a.m. At 10:50 a.m., $2,000 leaves a different account. At 10:59 a.m., $3,500 vanishes. At 11 a.m., another $8,000. At 11:03 a.m., another $3,500. About $25,000 moves in under an hour. Another $3,500 is scheduled to transfer out later that afternoon but will be delayed.

Soon enough, his cellphone starts pinging. It’s Yanna: “There is many transactions on my account,” she texts. “From last night 8k, 8k, 3500k. So get back with me when you can. So I can transfer back to you. Better if you call my personal.”

She follows up: “I’m happy to see that much in my account.” Her last text: “No worries you can have the rest back. Karma is a bitch.”

Hunter’s curt reply at 4:19 p.m.: “Send it back please.”

Text messages indicate most of the money was returned over the next week. But on June 12, Gulnora texted Hunter that she could not transfer the remaining $5,000 because of problems with her bank account. “Bulls–t,” replied Hunter. “I am so sick of this.”

What happens between Hunter and Yanna next is not recorded. Yanna’s private cellphone number no longer works, and Emerald Fantasy Girls is defunct. Cris Armenta, an attorney for Yanna, declined to comment. Hunter Biden’s attorney did not return a message.

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