January 27, 2022

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Harris’ Trip To Border Was Just a Stopover To Shut Everyone Up, Nothing More

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Harris’ Trip To Border Was Just a Stopover To Shut Everyone Up, Nothing More

 Kamala Harris’ long-awaited trip to the U.S.-Mexico border was just a quick stopover to shut everyone up.

The Vice-president took over 90 days to finally visit the U.S.-Mexico border since being appointed by Biden to sort out the crisis. It wasn’t until former president Donald Trump announced that he is going to make a visit to the Southern Border that Harris suddenly said she was going.

Despite mounting pressure and the ongoing crisis Harris avoided even speaking about a visit to the border or holding a press conference addressing the current administrations mess they’ve created there. Nor did she bother to speak to brave men and women in the border control doing their best with what resources are allowed to them. She’s done nothing to help.

But today, she finally went to the border.

Except she didn’t go to the right part. Harris went to El Paso, Texas which is located on the west Texas border with Mexico but is nowhere near the southern border. Where the crisis is happening.

But that’s in the past now y’all. VP is off to L.A again. She went to the border so we can stop talking about it now. (Sarcasm)

After spending just a few hours in El Paso, the vice president headed off west to Los Angeles, where she said she planned to spend time at her home in the city’s tony Brentwood neighborhood, according to reports.

It was to mark Harris’ fourth trip to Los Angeles since taking office, reports said – versus her lone trip to the border, which came on the 94th day after she took on the role as manager of the Biden administration’s response to the migrant crisis.

Motorists in the City of Angels were being warned about likely traffic delays in the area of Los Angeles International Airport, where Harris was expected to land aboard Air Force Two in the afternoon, L.A. time.

Screw you guys, VP coming through.

There was no specific information about the road route the vice president’s motorcade was expected to take after she arrives, KNBC-TV of Los Angeles reported.

It’s just a bad luck lottery.

Harris last visited Los Angeles for Easter weekend in early April, according to City News Service.

The vice president’s activities that weekend included cooking what she described as a “beautiful” pork roast, plus rice and beans, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

Another trip to Los Angeles for Harris came in February, not long after she and President Biden were inaugurated Jan. 20.

So let’s be honest, Kamala only went to the border, albeit the wrong part, to shut everyone up. It was all for show.

Nothing will come of this. She won’t fix the crisis.

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