October 19, 2021

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Man Flashes Penis In Front Of Little Girls At Spa, Was Allowed To Because He Claims To Be A Woman

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Man Flashes Penis In Front Of Little Girls At Spa, Was Allowed To Because He Claims To Be A Woman

A viral video doing the rounds on social media shows a woman ripping into staffers of a Los Angeles spa after she encountered a nude biological male in the women’s section.

The woman in the video calls out at the Wi Spa for allowing the male — who identifies as a transgender female — to use a section of the facility specifically for females, according to footage shared. (video below)

The video shows the concerned woman addressing the issue with Wi Spa staff members.

“So it’s OK — I just want to be clear with you — it’s OK, it’s OK for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls [who are] under age?” the woman asked. “Your spa, Wi Spa, condoned that. Is that what you’re saying?”

The staffer, who was wearing a mask and stationed behind a plexiglass barrier, responded, but the employee’s comments were unintelligible.

“So he can stay there?” the irate woman asked, referring to the biological male presumably still in the women’s area. “He could stay there?”

At that point, the worker says something about “sexual orientation.”

“What sexual orientation?” the customer interjected. “I see a [penis]. It lets me know he’s a man. He’s a man. … He is not a female, sweetie.”

“Girls down there, other women who are highly offended for what they just saw, and you did nothing, absolutely nothing,” she continued. “In fact, you sided with him. So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section, is that what you’re saying?”

At the same time, another customer standing at the register next to the first woman can be heard telling a neighboring employee she isn’t going to return to Wi Spa.

Matt Walsh also points out: ‘This spa has an online review dating from 2018 complaining about a man in the women’s locker room with his penis out, bragging about all the women he’s slept with’


We live in some crazy times.

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