October 19, 2021

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Antifa Thugs Attack Woman Peacefully Protesting Outside Wi Spa In Los Angeles

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Antifa Thugs Attack Woman Peacefully Protesting Outside Wi Spa In Los Angeles

Wi Spa came under fire recently for allowing a man who said he identifies as a women to walk around naked exposing his penis to women and children.

A video went viral showing a woman making a complaint and a Wi Spa employee with some white knight standing in line trying to defend the pervert walking around showing his junk to kids. But many attending the spa on the day were not impressed and asked for refunds. The internet was appalled the business allowed this besides the usual crazies in the media and the far-left who called the woman in the video “intolerant.”

On Saturday a group of people decided to peacefully protest Wi Spa as it is their constitutional right to do so if the wish. The peaceful protest was organized by the Hispanic woman who recorded the viral video where she confronted the spa staff.

But Antifa was having none of that. That behavior by the protestors was not approved by them at all. How dare they. Do they think they live in a free country or something? If some dude wants to get his wang out in front of kids by god Antifa are not only going to allow it, they’re going to beat anyone’s ass who tries to stop it.

And that’s what they did to a woman who was just holding a sign peacefully protesting against something that society as a whole frowns upon and tries so hard to protect innocent women and especially children from.

In the video below you will see a group of mostly male Antifa thugs surrounding a women so she cannot escape while attacking her. Why? because she believes a man should not expose himself to anyone, especially young children. You know, the very thing the law is supposed to protect us against.

Here’s the video:

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