October 18, 2021

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Second Woman Comes Forward: Man Exposed Himself To Her 6-Year-Old At Wi Spa

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Second Woman Comes Forward: Man Exposed Himself To Her 6-Year-Old At Wi Spa

Second Woman Comes Forward: Man Exposed Himself To Her 6-Year-Old At Wi Spa

A woman using the name Anita to protect her identity and family from attacks just wanted to have a nice day at the spa with her 6-year-old daughter, what she encountered while there shocked her.

A viral video showing customers of WI Spa demanding refunds after they allowed a man to expose himself to women and children. This prompted protests outside the spa last week, leading to violent clashes between radical trans activists and counter-protesters. The far-left and some media tried to say the incident was fake, but evidence shows they’re all full of BS. IT happened and it wasn’t the first time.

Anita described her January 2020 visit to the spa, which has a clothed section for both sexes, and separate sections for men and women with locker rooms, hot tubs, massage, relaxation and pampering rooms where patrons are traditionally unclothed.

‘When I walked into the women’s section everyone was naked,’ she said.

‘I wasn’t raised to be super comfortable being naked around others. But I’m from LA and it’s kind of hip to participate in authentic cultural things.

‘I didn’t want my daughter to feel uncomfortable and I saw a lot of little Korean girls naked with their grandmas and their moms, it was really cute actually. I was like, wow this is something that I didn’t know existed, this is awesome.’

Anita and her daughter put on face masks, ate snacks and hung out in the sauna. Then the little girl asked to swim in the hot tub.

‘We were in there with five or six other women. She was swimming and splashing at me and stuff,’ she said.

‘Then these three people came and sat down on the edge of the hot tub. It was two women and what appeared 100% to be a man.

‘The other Korean women in the hot tub were looking at each other like ‘what the f**k?’ We all suddenly were quietly communicating with our eyes.

‘[The Korean women] were motioning at my daughter, she was giggling and splashing, she hadn’t noticed.

‘All around the locker room you see all the women suddenly whispering and this tense feeling.

‘I saw old ladies poking out from behind the shower stall, holding their towels up, looking horrified. Nobody says anything. All the women are in shock but also don’t want to say anything.

Anita described the man as an activist who purposely entered the women’s area of the spa to expose himself and enjoyed seeing everyone’s reaction.

‘I was in there for about a minute, then I said ‘okay, honey, time to come out.’

When Anita called the police, the officer blamed her for “putting her child in that situation.”

Anita told Daily Mail that she is a registered Democrat an LGBTQ supporter.

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