September 26, 2021

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Fox News Anchor Laura Ingraham Laughs and Mocks Australia’s ‘Insane’ Lockdown Restrictions

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Fox News Anchor Laura Ingraham Laughs and Mocks Australia's 'Insane' Lockdown Restrictions

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has mocked Australia’s ‘insane’ Covid-19 lockdown restrictions questioning why millions of Sydneysiders are forced to stay at home over a ‘0.004 case to population ratio’.

‘It’s been seven weeks of lockdown in Sydney, Australia and they’re still keeping the vice grip on the population,’ the TV host said during a news segment on Thursday.

The news anchor held back her laughter as she poked fun at the ‘whopping’ rise in cases and mocked the state government’s reaction to keeping the city locked down.


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‘The population of New South Wales: 8.2million,’ Ingraham said.

‘Meaning a case-to-population ratio of .004 per cent. They locked down for that.’

She then turned her attention to Canberra calling the city ‘insane’ after the Australian capital announced it would enforce a seven-day lockdown.

The decision came after the city recorded its first Covid-19 case in a year.

‘The capital city has a population of 400,000. They have just entered a snap lockdown over one case. A single case,’ Ms Ingraham said before breaking into laughter.

Ingraham invited George Christensen, a Liberal-National MP for Dawson on the north Queensland coast, onto her show to discuss Australia’s lockdown. 

‘We are suffering from what is pandemic policy insanity in this country,’ the MP said.

‘The city of Canberra, which I’m currently in – one single case and the entire 400,000-plus population moved into lockdown. 

‘This is happening across every inch of this country. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, over in Perth. … We are locking down because someone sneezes, quite frankly. And worse than that, we have state borders that are shutting as well.

‘I fear that there is too much fear about this virus.’ he added.

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