September 26, 2021

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Melbourne Police Use Rubber Bullets & Pepper Spray On Protesters At Freedom Rally

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Melbourne Police Use Rubber Bullets & Tear Gas On Protesters At Freedom Rally

Chaotic scenes erupted soon after Police used extreme force because more than 4000 congregated in the Melbourne CBD from about midday on Saturday to protest against the harsh Andrew administration Covid-19 lockdown.

Protesting in Australia is frowned upon by Dan Andrews and his mob. Couple that with the fact that Australian police are very well known to step well out of their boundaries when dealing with the people they serve, the public. There is a huge power trip problem with police in Australia.

For example:

Dan has many times threatened protestors, berated them, and belittles anyone who dares not do as he says.

Police fired rubber bullets and deployed pepper spray on the streets of Melbourne as thousands gathered. Even children who were victims of the police brutality dished out that day.

The “Freedom Rally” gathering was one of several protests planned in cities across Australia on Saturday.

Members of the crowd chanted “sack Daniel Andrews” and “no more lockdown” while beating a gong and cheering.

Several people brought placards emblazoned with slogans such as “say no to the vaccine” and “no health advice, no compliance”.

Violent clashes between protesters and police erupted with pepper spray and rubber bullets being deployed.

Protestors have been accused of throwing projectiles at the police, including flares and bottles.

Police officers have been reported to have been hospitalized and more than 200 people arrested. reported:

A heavy police presence was on Bourke St and around Parliament House, with officers also blocking off some CBD roads, before police managed to disperse some crowds and push them out of the CBD.

Police arrested 218 people, issued 236 fines and have three people in custody for assaulting police.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said seven people were injured, including two with suspected broken noses, one with a broken thumb and others with concussions.

“Every protester who we can identify and who we can apprehend will receive a $5,500 fine, Victoria Police chief commissioner Shane Patton said

“It is just ridiculous to think that people would be so selfish to come and do this.” She added.


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