October 16, 2021

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Thug Cop Who Slammed Man Face-First Into The Ground Is Suspended

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Thug Cop Who Slammed Man Face-First To The Ground Is Suspended

The tough-guy thug Victorian cop has been stood down after disturbing footage showed a man being slammed head-first into the ground, with video of the incident causing worldwide outrage.

Investigations continue into the incident at Melbourne’s Flinders Street train station last Wednesday amid protests, which included violent clashes after police as usual attacked the crowd.

Video shows the victim calmly talking to a group of officers when another policeman approached from behind, grabbed the man by the shoulders before throwing him against the hard tile floor, sending his headphones flying across the concourse.

An acting sergeant has been stood down pending further action.

‘Victoria Police continues to investigate an incident filmed at Flinders Street Station on September 22 and shared on social media,’ a statement read.

‘An acting sergeant from a specialist support unit has since been suspended as a result of early inquiries.’

Police also want to speak to the person who filmed the video and urged other witnesses with more information to come forward.

The woman who posted the footage online said it had gained global attention and that she had been contacted by people around the world who wanted to know if the man was OK.

She said the man slammed called for his mum after he woke up ‘with his own blood and urine everywhere’.

‘This poor guy was calm, he was just talking to the police,’ she captioned the footage.

‘You can see it in the video then he gets thrown to the ground. You can hear his face hit the tiles. He was unconscious, blood and urine everywhere.’

The witness said police then handcuffed the man, who was unconscious ‘for a while’ before being treated by paramedics.

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