October 16, 2021

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This Cop Is Spreading Lies That This Elderly Woman Attacked By Police Was A Man

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This Cop Is Spreading Lies That This Elderly Woman Attacked By Police Was A Man

A video has emerged showing an Australian cop spreading the lie that an elderly female protester who was pepper-sprayed after being viciously knocked down by police during Melbourne’s protests was a man in a wig who wanted to make cops ‘look bad’.  

In the video, which was shared on the Telegram platform, a male can be heard debating with a female Victoria Police officer over his reason for filming her, which he says is ‘in case you people get violent.’ Which as we have seen isn’t an unreasonable response to the way police have been conducting themselves since forever.

When she replies ‘I’m sorry you think that’, the man refers to ‘a 70-year-old grandmother’ he said was ‘bashed’ by police.

‘Did you actually see what happened? That was actually a male with a wig on,’ the officer says confidently as if the internet doesn’t exist and there’s no footage or photos.

‘That was a 36-year-old male, that was dressing up as a 70-year-old grandmother to make us look bad,’ the dishonest cop says.

‘Yeah whatever,’ the protester says.

This cop is obviously lying. It is widely reported that it was a 70-old-woman who was slammed to the ground and pepper-sprayed directly in the face by thug police while she lay there in pain.

The woman shields her face while being doused with pepper spray by police
A woman, reported to be in her 70s was knocked to the ground during the violent clashes between protesters and police in Melbourne
The injured protester is seen writhing in pain as she's helped to her feet by police

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