October 16, 2021

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Mother, 37, Dies From COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia

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Mother, 37, Dies From COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia

The media is avoiding this and social media is trying to censor this tragic story of a young mother with no underlying conditions who died of COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia. She did not want to take the vaccine but was forced to due to mandates.


The exact incidence of VITT is unknown, but ‘experts’ say it’s rare. Although, despite the very low incidence, mass vaccination of many millions of individuals has resulted in several hundred patients developing this condition. You can read more about that here.

Governments around the world are forcing their citizens to get jabbed with a covid vaccine or face losing all freedoms. This has cost many their jobs, income, freedoms and sadly it has cost lives.

Just in the case of Jessica Berg Wilson. An obituary has been posted by her family that explains her tragic situation that lead her to her death:

Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, WA, passed away suddenly on September 7th from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family. Jessica was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions. 

Jessica was born on October 29, 1983, to Arthur and Gwen Berg in Portland, OR. She attended Riverdale Grade School, graduated from Jesuit High School in 2002, and earned a B.A. from Oregon State University in 2007. After college, she had a successful professional career in human resource management and devoted her free time to numerous volunteer causes.  She met Tom, her loving husband, in 2009 and they wed in 2012, going on to have two daughters, Bridget (5) and Clara (3). 

Jessica fully embraced motherhood, sharing her passion for life with her daughters.  Jessica’s motherly commitment was intense, with unwavering determination to nurture her children to be confident, humble, responsible, and to have concern and compassion for others with high morals built on Faith.   

Jessica’s greatest passion was to be the best mother possible for Bridget and Clara. Nothing would stand in her way to be present in their lives. During the last weeks of her life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates. Local and state governments were determined to strip away her right to consult her wisdom and enjoy her freedom. She had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, knowing she was in good health and of a young age and thus not at risk for serious illness. In her mind, the known and unknown risks of the unproven vaccine were more of a threat. But, slowly, day by day, her freedom to choose was stripped away. Her passion to be actively involved in her children’s education—which included being a Room Mom—was, once again, blocked by government mandate. Ultimately, those who closed doors and separated mothers from their children prevailed. It cost Jessica her life. It cost her children the loving embrace of their caring mother. And it cost her husband the sacred love of his devoted wife. It cost God’s Kingdom on earth a very special soul who was just making her love felt in the hearts of so many. 

Along with being a superb mother, Jessica was a devoted and supportive wife and created a beautiful, serene home for her family to thrive in while establishing her family in the wonderful Laurelhurst and Assumption-St. Bridget communities of Seattle. Jessica and Tom were a remarkable team who prioritized family values and morals, and their Catholic Faith. 

She was known best for her grace, wisdom, wit, sense of humor, conscientiousness, her tireless work ethic, her pride in her family, and her loving nature. Throughout her life, she loved to travel and made many trips to Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, the Oregon coast, and Black Butte Ranch yet she always valued who she was with more than where she was. In personality, Jessica was elegant and composed. Drama in attitude was not her way. She was a rock and guidepost, armed with natural problem-solving skills and intuitiveness for those who were fortunate to have her in their lives.  During the inevitable crises in her life and of those she knew she would say “let’s figure it out” thereby giving confidence and direction in uncertain times. Loyal and protective, she was the best of all confidants while offering the lightness of her intrinsic humor.

Within her altruistic regard for others, she held a special concern for the welfare of mothers and children in need. With this in mind, in lieu of flowers the family requests those who wish to express sympathy to consider donating to a charitable organization that was near and dear to Jessica’s heart.  Sacred Heart Shelter for Families donation link: https://tinyurl.com/jessbw 

Left to cherish her memory are husband Tom Wilson, her daughters Bridget and Clara, her parents Arthur Berg and Gwen Berg, her sister Elizabeth Berg and brother John Berg, many extended family members, and a large friend group and community.

Services have been held.

Guestbook at harveyfuneral.com

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