October 16, 2021

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Scumbags In Mount Gambier, Australia Set Mother-Of-Four Car On Fire Because She Got COVID

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Scumbags In Mount Gambier, Australia Set Mother-Of-Four Car On Fire Because She Got COVID

Some self-righteous heroes of Mount Gambier, Australia decided to go all feral and set a mother of four’s car on fire which almost burned down her and the neighbor’s house. Why, because she got COVID and the town was plunged into seven days of heavy restrictions by the government.

Authorities are currently investigating the blaze that destroyed a vehicle and caused surface damage to a home in Mount Gambier on Tuesday night. The woman who lives there had recently tested positive for COVID which then out of panic Mount Gambier, Australia had heavy restrictions on them imposed by the government.

The woman had reportedly visited relatives in Casterton, Victoria, which is located within SA’s border travel bubble. This, however, is still under investigation.

Then some scumbag or scumbags decided they would enact revenge on the mother and set fire to her car to which a lot of residence of Mount Gambier applauded and cheered on in the comments on the Limestone Community page because they are sick human beings that are only egging on and contributing to the disgusting division infecting society.

No one in their right mind would or should condone such an attack. But alas we saw sickening comments saying she deserved it and worse should have happened. Just really sick demented stuff.

Emergency services were called to the property on Sandalwood Crescent just after 10 pm after reports flames from a car fire had begun to spread to a nearby home. 


No one was home at the time and there were no reported injuries as the woman had been flown earlier in the week to the Royal Adelaide Hospital suffering from serious respiratory symptoms.

She was later moved to a hotel where she is undergoing isolation with her four children.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens confirmed the car belonged to a woman who had recently tested positive to Covid-19, according to the ABC

‘People shouldn’t assume that they know what’s going on,’ he said.

‘It’s completely unnecessary, it’s unwarranted. They have committed a serious crime and if we do detect them then we will be dealing with them appropriately.

‘I’m just asking people to show tolerance. We don’t know exactly what’s gone on. Let us get to the bottom of this and we’ll provide that information to the community as quickly as possible.’ 

Mount Gambier City, Wattle Range Council, and the District Council of Grant were placed under tougher restrictions for at least seven days.

As part of the measures, venues are now limited to the one person per four square metres rule with all beverages and food to be consumed while seated. 

Visitors to homes are capped at two people per day, while private activities are limited to 10 people.  

Singing and dancing is only permitted at weddings as part of a bridal party or reception and dance studios where alcohol is not served.  

Masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces including gyms, public transport, and while accessing personal services such as hairdressers. 

Anyone with information about this demented attack is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online via its website.

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