October 16, 2021

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The False Attacks On Unvaccinated Actress Sam Frost Shows Everything Wrong With The World

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The False Attacks On Unvaccinated Actress Sam Frost Shows Everything Wrong With The World

She was a media darling before announcing that she in Unvaccinated. They loved her. Now the attack on Home and Away actress Sam Frost has begun and it just shows everything that is wrong with the world today and exposes the people contributing to the disgusting division.

Recently, Australian actress Sam Frost posted a video to her social media accounts talking about how bad it has become in not only Australia but the world when it comes to discussions about COVID vaccines and the choice to take them.

Many have the same concerns. Especially when government leaders around the world have been sowing division between the vaccinated and unvaccinated with not only their rhetoric but also ‘rules’ they have set.

Sam Frost is being attacked for spreading ‘misinformation,’ which is not true. You can watch the video below for yourself and see that at no point does she say anything false. So right off the bat, the attacks on her are complete lies and only serve to try and discredit her because she does not want to take the vaccine that’s being forced upon everyone.

Secondly, she is being attacked for saying that there’s segregation and discrimination going on. And she is correct.

‘I was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking up about this sort of thing, but I feel like it’s getting to a point now in the world where there’s a lot of segregation,’ she said on Saturday.

She didn’t say this (below) which untalented so-called comedian Em Rusciano retweeted. But if you’re familiar with Em then this really comes as no surprise. She’s not that bright. no really, she’s not.

In Australia especially, special “freedoms” are allowed to vaccinated people including being able to access many venues like cafes, pubs, clubs, gym, etc while unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter these businesses. Sounds familiar right?

That’s right, it’s called segregation and discrimination. So now we start to see the Gov, media, and people who worship and suckle on the teet of the MSM, believing everything breastfed to them twist what segregation is by comparing them to situations of the past.

“You’re no Rosa Parks,” some reality has been named Abbie Chatfield that the media is using to attack Sam said.

Abbie is an idiot and the media are just as stupid for running that tripe knowing full well Sam was correct in what she said. Abbie claims Sam is basing what she said on misinformation but failed to mention exactly what that was. Because there was none.

To put it simply, Abbie is full of shit and so is the media.

So now Sam Frost is forced to shut down her social media and go into hiding because the disgusting divisive self-righteous liars of the world just can’t handle being called out on their hate and lies.

They cannot handle the fact that most of these people have been running around calling everyone the very thing they turned out to be…Nazi’s.

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