December 5, 2021

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Vile Emails Sent To Judge In Rittenhouse Trial Revealed

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Vile Emails Sent To Judge In Rittenhouse Trial Revealed

On Thursday Judge Bruce Schroeder revealed that he had been sent offensive emails during the trial, some calling him a racist. We were sent these emails to review.

Hundreds of offensive communications have been sent to the judge presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We reviewed them all.

One email, sent Wednesday, reads simply, ‘Wow way to name a white skinhead hot head to be a judge. No wonder they burn down your city.’

Others called for the ‘racist’ judge, the longest-serving in the county, to be dismissed and disbarred.

One addressed to ‘Your Honor’ reads, ‘I didn’t know that under your black robes of justice you wear a white robe of the klan. There is no way a fair trial can be heard under your supervision. Better yet, resign.’

Another email sent in reaction to the October ruling reads, ‘This is outrageous…What fresh hell is this???? Rittenhouse is a murderous thug and trying to protect him says a LOT about this judge.

‘We are watching.’

It continues, ‘Enjoy your term, judge, it’s going to be your LAST. If I ever meet you in person, I fully intend to spit directly into your face, regardless the cost. You’re disgusting.’

Here are some of the disgusting emails sent to Judge Schroeder:

Judge Schroeder promised he would ‘deal with’ the senders and said, ‘I wouldn’t want to be those people’

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