November 29, 2021

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“Jump Kick Man” In Kyle Rittenhouse Case Identified As 40-Year-Old With Several Convictions

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"Jump Kick Man" In Kyle Rittenhouse Case Identified as 40-Year-Old Kenosha Resident

Jump Kick Man is Maurice Freeland, a 40-year-old Black male from Kenosha with an extensive criminal record. Freeland was on probation at the time of the Rittenhouse shootings for a domestic violence battery conviction.

The 40-year-old was facing a maximum sentence of nine months in jail, but less than two months before he attacked Rittenhouse, he accepted a plea deal that got him 12 months’ probation instead. The following year, he violated the terms of his probation and was sentenced to seven months in jail.

Had Freeland been sentenced to jail instead of probation, he would not have been in Kenosha the night of the shootings. Rittenhouse fired two shots at Freeland which may have provoked Huber to strike Rittenhouse with his skateboard a second time, causing Rittenhouse to shoot and kill him. That in turn prompted Grosskreutz to advance on Rittenhouse and draw his handgun on him, which caused Rittenhouse to shoot him in the arm.

reference to Freeland in jury instructions

Wisconsin Right Now reports that a law enforcement source said prosecutors informed Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team only last Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, as the trial came to an end, that Freeland had come forward claiming to be Jump Kick Man.

Freeland is listed as being in the custody of the Kenosha County Jail as of Nov. 16, 2021. His most recent booking is listed as a probation hold with no bond.

It’s not clear when Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger and his boss, DA Mike Graveley, first learned about Freeland’s claims.

During opening statements, ADA Thomas Binger referred to Freeland as, “the unknown individual.”

“An individual who is the subject of count number two, the unknown individual, runs in at that point and attempts to kick the defendant in the face while the defendant is on the ground. This unknown individual is unarmed. The defendant, in response, points his AR-15 directly at this individual as this individual is literally flying over his body, and discharges that gun twice.”

In the case before the Rittenhouse shootings, Freeland was convicted of domestic abuse battery, a misdemeanor.

Other charges were dismissed or read in, in exchange for his guilty plea in a plea agreement.

Here comes the plot twist.

Thomas Binger was the attorney for the state at Freeland’s March 23, 2020, initial appearance. On June 29, 2020, Judge Mary Kay Wagner sentence Maurice Freeland to 12 months probation.

That was less than two months before the Rittenhouse shootings.

There was a probation review hearing on March 11, 2021. Maurice Freeland was kept on probation with DV programming by Judge David Wilk. His probation was extended to six months.

His probation was revoked on August 16, 2021, and he was sentenced to seven months in the Kenosha County Jail with Huber privileges (work release), and 77 days credit.

In 2018, Freeland was cited for disorderly conduct in Kenosha County, and, in 2017 and 2016, he was convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, also in Kenosha County.

There was a petition for child support filed against him in 2016. Court records, in that case, refer to him being in custody.

He has several past convictions:

  • In 2013, he was convicted of THC possession as a repeater, a felony, and misdemeanor obstructing an officer, as a repeater. He received local jail time.
  • In 2010, he had another forfeiture for disorderly conduct in a different court.
  • In 2009, he was convicted of taking and driving a car without owner’s consent, a felony, and obstructing an officer as a repeater, a misdemeanor.
  • He was subjected to a paternity case in 2009.
  • In 2008, he was convicted of felony escape.
  • In 2008, he was also convicted of two felony counts of misappropriating ID.
  • In 2007 and in 2003, he was convicted of misdemeanor THC possession.
  • He was convicted of escape, a felony, in 2000.

You can read Maurice Freeland’s Kenosha County jail history here.

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