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Darrell Brooks is a convicted sex offender who has a criminal history spanning over 20 years

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Darrell Brooks is a convicted sex offender who has a criminal history spanning over 20 years

Darrell Brooks, 39 has a long rap sheet that also includes a conviction for statutory sexual seduction – the term for sex with a minor aged 16 or under in Nevada law – another in January 2007 and another for failing to inform the police of a change of address while a registered sex offender. Much more below.

The latter two counts both relate to the mother of his child – named in Wisconsin court papers as ‘EAP’ – who he punched and tried to run over at a gas station in Milwaukee on November 2.

The sheriff’s office had an active warrant for his arrest and believed he was in Wisconsin but did not have confirmation.

Waukesha Chief Daniel Thompson spoke during a press conference on Monday that Brooks was involved “in a domestic disturbance” mere minutes before he plowed his car into a parade killing 6 people, including an 8-year-old child.

“No evidence this is a terrorist incident,” Thompson said. “We are confident he acted alone.”

A former girlfriend said that Brooks has a dark past.

Darrell Brooks Criminal History

Darrell Brooks has a long criminal history in Wisconsin spanning over 20 years, with public records showing this Friday, he recently posted a $1000 cash bond in connection to domestic violence charges regarding his former girlfriend.

The charges include resisting or obstructing an officer, bail jumping, recklessly endangering safety with domestic-abuse assessments, disorderly conduct with a domestic-abuse assessment, and battery.

According to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Brooks was convicted in 2006 for having sex with a 15-year-old girl, with whom he then fathered a child.

Brooks repeatedly violated a stay-away order and contacted his underage victim — whom he impregnated, the records show.

He stole a phone card from another inmate while at the Washoe County jail to obsessively call the teen, and confronted her at a local bus stop just six days after being released from jail, the records show.

A state Division of Parole and Probation report on Feb. 8, 2007 noted that the teen’s mother “stated that Brooks had been contacting her house on several occasions.”

“The victim’s mother indicated that Mr. Brooks was calling at all hours of the day and would often hang up the phone if she answered,” the report said. “The victim’s mother indicated that she had spoken with the Sparks Police Department regarding the phone calls.”

Nonetheless, Brooks was ultimately released — but later skipped out on the case.

The Nevada warrant for his arrest was still open when Wisconsin police arrested him in the Christmas parade attack on Sunday.

He was sentenced to probation but was then arrested for failing to obey sex offender laws in 2016, jumped bail, and has had an open arrest warrant out for him ever since.

Darrell Brooks, 39, was arrested back in March 2007 for calling in a bomb threat to the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada.

Why he placed the threatening call is unknown.  But you can be sure he was on some FBI watch list.

The wannabe rapper was put on probation after being convicted of conspiring to disturb the peace – a gross misdemeanor – and was banned from the Nugget Casino Resort for life.

 Brooks had also tried to harm someone with his car ten years earlier, according to court records.

In March 2011, Milwaukee Police officer Garry Inman stopped Brooks on 44th Street in Milwaukee. Brooks initially gave a false name, Landon Deal.

‘After running a check on that name, the officer again asked the defendant to identify himself. At which point the defendant quickly turned on the ignition and placed it in the drive.’

‘Fearing the defendant was attempting to run him over with the vehicle, Officer Inman jumped into the vehicle.

‘He then began wrestling with (Brooks) to gain control of the vehicle. At one point he had to pull the wheel to the left to avoiding (sic) colliding with a parked car. He eventually was able to remove the key and the vehicle came to a stop.

‘At that point (Brooks) took flight from the officer. He was eventually located inside a small children’s playhouse.’

‘He was ordered out but refused to comply and was pepper-sprayed. He then charged at the officers, actively resisting arrest. He ultimately needed to be tasered twice before he was compliant with officer requests.’

Brooks’ rap sheet includes a 120-day jail sentence for nonpayment of child support to another woman in March 2021.

He was also arrested for shooting at his nephew Anaji during a fight over an old cellphone.

Anaji wrote a heartfelt note to support his bid to get a no-contact order against his uncle, saying the incident had affected him ‘more so emotionally than physically.’

‘It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn’t family or kin to me,’ Ajani added. ‘Family shouldn’t hurt family the way he did.

‘It has brought my trust in people to become very low than it already has.’

The no-contact order meant that Brooks had to leave his four-bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Arlington Heights area because Anaji also lived there.

Brooks’s grandmother Dawn Woods, who also lives in the house also took out a similar order against him.

On Monday, the Milwaukee County District Attorney said Brooks should not have received an “inappropriately low” bail of $1,000 given his previous charges, with the most recent case dating from a November 2 incident of domestic violence as well.

In that case, a woman whom Brooks had a child with told police he intentionally ran her over in his car after a fight, with Brooks pleading not guilty to those charges.

The criminal complaint, obtained by The Daily Beast, details that “an officer observed tire tracks on [the woman’s] left pants leg” in addition to blood on her face, which forced them to bring her to the hospital.

Another criminal complaint that was filed in July 2020 shows Brooks is facing felony charges such as recklessly endangering safety and possession of a firearm.

Brooks is now charged with six murders after he plowed his red Ford SUV into the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin this weekend killing six and injuring 62 others.

Eyewitnesses said Brooks was fleeing from the police when his Ford Escape barreled into families enjoying the parade at approximately 4.39 pm.

The car sped through three city blocks before smashing through a barrier and speeding off. Brooks was apprehended 20 minutes later outside a suburban home where he was filmed hammering on the door asking to be let in. The owner thinking Brooks needed help let him in and made him a sandwich.

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