January 22, 2022

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BULLSHIT!: Dan Andrews claims his response to Covid pandemic was a ‘triumph’

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BULLSHIT!: Dan Andrews claims his response to Covid pandemic was a 'triumph'

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews claims his government’s response to the Covid pandemic was a ‘triumph’ after forcing millions in Melbourne to endure the world’s longest lockdown and forcing everyone to get the jab or be ‘locked out’ of his fascist ‘vaccinated economy.’

Only an idiot with an ego like Dictator Dan would call this a ‘Triumph.’

Speaking to left-wing podcast Socially Democratic last week, dickhead Dan said his political opponents and Victorian federal MPs should have been congratulating him for successfully keeping the virus at bay. A total lie.

His whole administration is a joke and has constantly lied to the people. The Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Brett Sutton, keeps saying go get the jab to stop transmission of Covid which has been proven to be completely false as the vaccines do not stop transmission of coronavirus nor does it stop hospitalizations. No matter the strain. But Sutton the dumbass said that publicly to the people of Victoria and dictator Dan allowed this lie and the mainstream media in Australia that worship the government did not and has not pushed back on that lie.

But this hasn’t stopped dickhead Dan from stroking himself over himself.

Here’s the truth:

Millions have lost their jobs, people cannot afford rent, food, and bills, segregation is now the norm in Victoria because of his ridiculous vaccine mandates he calls ‘no jab, no job’ and the state has never been so divided.

Meanwhile, Danny Boy earns over 8k per week and hasn’t lost a paycheck during the pandemic. In fact, he gave himself a pay rise.

Melbourne has struggled with Covid more than any other Australian state or territory, spending a cumulative total of more than 260 days under stifling restrictions.

Division within the city has never been so bad, with weekly protests – some attended by tens of thousands – over lockdown rules, vaccine mandates, and most recently dictator Dan’s Pandemic Bill.

Andrews also made mention of his daily press conferences, saying he ‘wasn’t sure what people would think of him.’

Well Danny boy, most people hate you, despise you…loath your entire being. You are a shit stain on Victoria. You will go down in history as such.

The Andrews government has been widely criticized over a number of issues during the Covid crises.

The government’s leaky hotel quarantine scheme was partly responsible for Victoria’s ‘second wave’ with then-health minister Jenny Mikakos who had oversight on the system later resigned following an inquiry. A perfect scapegoat for coward Dan.

The state also didn’t move to a single, consistent QR check-in system until well into 2021. A system that doesn’t work properly and everyone hates.

He’s also had seven MP’s from his Government quit in a week.

His government and police response to protests – which involved lines of officers in riot gear deploying pepper spray and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters – was labeled ‘heavy-handed’ by Australia’s former deputy chief medical officer.¬†Especially after an elderly woman was brutally attacked and pepper-sprayed in the face as she lay there helpless by Dan’s Gestapo

Figures show Victoria has had more Covid cases than other states and territories at 1896 cases per 100,000 people compared to NSW, the next highest, at 1015 cases per 100,000 people.

No one apart from his NPC followers agrees with him. On Saturday, Victoria’s Shadow Emergency Services Minister Brad Battin called for the state government to scrap restrictions on unvaccinated people from December 15, in line with NSW. But dickhead Dan’s ego won’t allow that.

‘I’d be encouraging (Premier) Daniel Andrews to seriously consider that,’ Battin said.

But Danny instead indicated restrictions on unvaccinated people in Victoria would only change depending on the progress of booster shots and rollout of jabs to children aged between five and 11. Because he’s an asshole.

But a huge triumph hey Dan.

You are a complete moron.


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