January 23, 2022

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Dictator Dan announces mandatory gender quotas to get more women in construction

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Dictator Dan announces mandatory gender quotas to get more women in construction

It’s going to be mandatory everything from this day forward as Dictator Dan Andrews power trip continues.

The Victorian Premier who is loathed by many in the state and a laughing stock worldwide has announced mandatory gender quotas on major construction sites for new government projects worth $20 million or more, set to come into effect from January 1.

The landmark gender quota for the industry is an Australian-first.

Women currently represent 2.5 percent of building and construction trades workers in Victoria. By choice, because women can choose whether or not to work in the industry. Many choose not to.

But that’s lost on low IQ Dan.

The latest mandate from the dictator means that women must represent at least three percent of jobs in each trade role on a project, four percent of apprentices and trainees, seven percent for each non-trade position, and 35 percent of management, supervisor, and specialist labor roles under the Building Equality Policy.

‘We need to make women aware that construction is an attractive and viable career option – and these targets will ensure women are proactively included and stay in the industry, with stronger career pathways,’ transport infrastructure minister Jacinta Allan said.

‘Greater diversity makes our workplaces stronger – and greater representation of women in construction will benefit everyone in the industry.’

The new policy to overhaul the industry was devised in consultation with Victoria’s Building Industry Consultative Council. 

Acting council chair and Master Builders Victoria chief executive Rebecca Casson added: ‘More women are active in building and construction now than in the past, but they still make up just 2.5 percent of all building and construction trades workers in Victoria.’

Industry leaders and female workers have also welcomed the new gender quotas.

‘I wish there were more women working in construction because there’s a set of skills that we bring,’ Metro Tunnel Project engineer Melanie Langlois told Nine News.

Supa Group Constructions director Neil Gardiner added: ‘I would encourage any females out there that would like to join the construction industry or join a trade to do so,’ he said.

Major construction sites will have some leniency with a two-year transition period to work towards fulfilling gender quotas before penalties kick in from January 2024.

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