34 thoughts on “Melbourne Woman Sets Herself On Fire Inside Car With Sign: “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US”

  1. If Dan Andrews was put in a car, 5 million people would line up to pour the petrol with the lucky “Fire starter” being won by lottery.

  2. The Australian state and federal governments and other global governments are committing human rights abuses and are committing acts of political and medical terrorism !!! Who the hell is going to stop these political and medical terrorists ??!!

  3. Abuse of authority by corrupt and / or incompetent tyrants is the single greatest problem facing the world today

    They are responsible for the suffering and deaths of far more people than any virus has caused

  4. That poor woman is so spot on! “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US.” Used to be if anywhere near 35 died from a vaccine it was immediately pulled. Over 1,800 vaccine deaths every month in the US (VAERS), in truth many more than that. Steve Kirsch points out, by his latest calculations when we vax 40% of the teens, we should expect 800 deaths. Hundreds of young athletes dropping dead around the world. Now we see “‘Sudden Deaths Begin To Emerge In 5-11 Age Bracket…” Every single day shocking headlines of more unexpected vaccine deaths! What on earth is everyone thinking! Why is this genocide tolerated?! That lady nailed it! “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES ARE KILLING US.”

  5. Do you feel good, Dan? I guess with ears like that, you can probably hear COVID talk to you. No wonder you have feared it so much.

  6. Better to set Dan Andrews on fire surely. Give him a taste of what Satan has waiting for him.

  7. So sad that that lady felt so forlorn & abandoned that she was driven to hurt her precious self. All her laughter & love must have been totally gone.
    We are all losing hope when those heartless tyrants ignore our needs & our children’s needs.

    Human nature requires what Abraham Maslow calls The Pursuit of Happiness & that has been taken from all of us.
    Oh well except for a few elite & pampered a hole politicians.
    Can’t trust any of the barstards now.
    Please reach out to a friend, Lifeline or go hell for leather in defiance & dance to very loud music out in your street, at the park if you feel lost, forgotten, worthless & empty. Isn’t that like exercise?
    Heaps of others will join you.

  8. Not at the moment, we contacted Werribee police and they won’t tell us anything and the mainstream media is ignoring it. We also informed Rebel New’s Avi and they are ignoring it as well.

  9. Cairnsnews.org brought this story to the Readers, I went to wyndhamtv.com.au that footage is deleted were they pressured 🤔🤔🤔 This is a shock that Rebel News Avi Yemini did not at least investigate and as Rebel News Motto is to bring the news from the other side seems to be only when it benefits them. I know one person would mention this on his Rumble channel is Stew Peters may get the ball rolling there and see how people take to it.

    Sheila is correct with no MSM will bring this story to light has to be those who know this woman to come forward let us know was this Woman married had Children and how are her Parents taking the news…

    Now Dan Andrews has his Bill passed how many more suicides going to happen and also Pfizer is allowed to inject their Bioweapon to 5-11 year olds early January 2022 how are parents going to feel when there child has died from the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculation. How many need to die until entire world says no more will I comply!

  10. No one can pressure us. It’s up to whoever owns the website to leave it up or take it down. We will not. We’ve contacted Rebel News quite a lot of times about this but they are ignoring it and won’t give a statement as to why. Very strange. You’re right, Rebel News only reports what fits their agenda. Very sad.

  11. All police following orders are also following the thousands of Nazis that were just following orders. All sadistic cowards on a power trip.

  12. Melbourne Woman,




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