August 10, 2022

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Home » Alec Baldwin charges towards NYPost reporter outside Woody Allen’s townhouse

Alec Baldwin charges towards NYPost reporter outside Woody Allen’s townhouse

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Alec Baldwin charges towards NYPost reporter outside Woody Allen's townhouse

Alec Baldwin lost his shit and charged toward a reporter who questioned him from the sidewalk about the statement he made about pulling the trigger onset outside Woody Allen’s Upper East Side townhouse.

The encounter, filmed outside Allen’s Upper East Side home Monday night, began with 63-year-old Baldwin’s wife Hilaria, 37, scolding the reporter while brandishing her phone’s camera and apparently filming him.

‘Mr. Baldwin, I have to ask you, what brings you to New York City,’ asked New York Post journalist Jon Levine, sidestepping Baldwin’s wife to film the actor waiting at the ornate entranceway of Allen’s home.

‘I asked you to leave,’ Hilaria snapped.

When Levine asked who lived at the property, peering around the other side of the actor’s wife as she asked him again to ‘please go away,’ Baldwin turned on his heels and sprang toward New York Post journalist Jon Levine.

‘You’re not allowed to photograph onto someone’s private home,’ Baldwin shouted, gesturing with the umbrella gripped tightly in his hand and sending Levine backing up onto the sidewalk. 

Hilaria grabbed her husband, holding Baldwin back as he repeated the statement before the actor turned back toward the door. 

‘This is not… this is public property,’ Levine stuttered back, regaining his composure. 

‘Go away, stop it,’ Hilaria said as a man in a white dress shirt and tie opened the door to Allen’s home and Baldwin stepped inside, gesturing for her to join him. 

‘Did you really not pull the trigger? Do you believe it went off without you pulling the trigger? Was it a malfunction?’ Levine asked from the sidewalk as the door closed behind the Baldwins.   


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