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Why are people on Twitter calling Nancy Reagan “The Throat Goat?”

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Why are people on Twitter calling Nancy Reagan "The Throat Goat?"

A lot of things are said and go viral on Twitter with today many on the social media platform calling former first lady Nancy Reagan “the throat goat.”

It all began when Ben Shapiro’s sister tweeted out an image of Madonna and Nancy Reagan side-by-side comparing the two women at the age of 64.

That Tweet kicked off a thunderstorm of people sharing allegations about the former first lady that stemmed from an Unauthorized autobiography from Kitty Kelly. In the book, Kelly alleges that Nancy Reagan “was renowned in Hollywood for performing oral sex.”

The book claims Nancy Reagan then Nancy Davis gave blowjobs “not only in the evening but in offices. That was one of the reasons that she was very popular on the MGM lot.” Further allegations claim she was known as “just-say-yes Nancy”

Is it true? We don’t know. For one it’s an unauthorized biography and two we do not know. It’s politics and many allegations are flung around without any proof to back up claims all the time.

And we couldn’t find any reference from anyone back in the day making the same claim except for Kitty Kelly in her book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography. Nor could we find any reliable source other than this book and even then it would be a far stretch to say this is reliable enough as it’s an unauthorized biography. They’re never that reliable. Usually, they’re just full of rumors and authors writing books like this tend to fill in the gaps with their own theories.

But take it for what you will. We cannot say we definitely know. What we do know is that Nancy Reagan has been confused before with another actress with the same name. There were two Nancy Davises in Hollywood in the early ’50s. One ended up in the White House—the other one ended up flipping burgers in a snack bar. You can read about that here.

So Who is Kitty Kelly?

Catherine “Kitty” Kelley is an American journalist and author of several best-selling unauthorized biographies of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, the British Royal Family, the Bush family, and Oprah Winfrey.

Here’s what is confirmed about Nancy Reagan in Hollywood:

After passing a screen test, she moved to California and signed a seven-year contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) in 1949; she later remarked, “Joining Metro was like walking into a dream world.” Her combination of attractive appearance—centered on her large eyes—and somewhat distant and understated manner made her hard at first for MGM to cast and publicize. Davis appeared in eleven feature films, usually typecast as a “loyal housewife”, “responsible young mother”, or “the steady woman”.

Author Garry Wills has said that Davis was generally underrated as an actress because her constrained part in Hellcats was her most widely seen performance. In addition, Davis downplayed her Hollywood goals: promotional material from MGM in 1949 said that her “greatest ambition” was to have a “successful happy marriage”; decades later, in 1975, she would say, “I was never really a career woman but [became one] only because I hadn’t found the man I wanted to marry. I couldn’t sit around and do nothing, so I became an actress.” Ronald Reagan biographer Lou Cannon nevertheless characterized her as a “reliable” and “solid” performer who held her own in performances with better-known actors. After her final film, Crash Landing (1958), Davis appeared for a brief time as a guest star in television dramas, such as the Zane Grey Theatre episode “The Long Shadow” (1961), where she played opposite Ronald Reagan, as well as Wagon Train and The Tall Man, until she retired as an actress in 1962.

During her Hollywood career, Davis dated a few actors, including Clark Gable, Robert Stack, and Peter Lawford; she later called Gable the nicest of the stars she had met. On November 15, 1949, she met Ronald Reagan, who was then president of the Screen Actors Guild. She had noticed that her name had appeared on the Hollywood blacklist. Davis sought Reagan’s help to maintain her employment as a guild actress in Hollywood and for assistance in having her name removed from the list.

Ronald Reagan informed her that she had been confused with another actress of the same name. The two began dating and their relationship was the subject of many gossip columns; one Hollywood press account described their nightclub-free times together as “the romance of a couple who have no vices”.

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