January 22, 2022

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Some guy in New Zealand got 10 Covid shots in one day

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Some guy in New Zealand got 10 Covid shots in one day

Not the Onion or Babylon Bee.

Prof Petousis-Harris said a man in New Zealand who 10 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in one day might not come to any serious harm, but likely to feel a bit shit the next day from a general immune response.

“We know that people have in error been given the whole five doses in a vial instead of it being diluted, we know that has happened overseas, and we know with other vaccines errors have occurred and there has been no long-term problems,” she said.

Vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris called the behavior “unbelievably selfish” and taking advantage of somebody who needs some money.

But Prof Petousis-Harris reckons receiving multiple doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is not ideal, saying when people get given higher doses, they get more fever, pains, and headaches.

She didn’t mention how people have had serious reactions or even died after receiving the jab. Because narrative.

But anywho. Let’s just pretend – like they do – that it never happens.

It is believed the man, who is understood to have visited several vaccination centers, was paid for the jabs, according to reports. It’s unclear how much though.

Astrid Koornneef, group manager operations for the Covid-19 vaccine and immunization program in New Zealand, said the country’s Ministry of Health was aware of the issue and taking the matter very seriously.

“We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the appropriate agencies,” she said, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The ministry would not say where in New Zealand the incidents took place.

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