August 10, 2022

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Dan Andrews’ court hearing on charges of treason was a nothing burger

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Dan Andrews' court hearing on charges of treason was a nothing burger

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews had been summoned to appear before a criminal court on a charge of concealing treason and fraud.

Thousands of people from across Australia live-streamed into the video court hearing at Wangaratta on Friday to watch the private prosecution of the Victorian premier. 

The charge against Dan Andrews had been successfully filed with the Myrtleford Magistrates’ Court and Andrews – or at least his legal representative – was listed to face the court on Friday at 9.30 am.

Thousands eagerly awaited to see what would happen – then nothing. Except for a mockery of the justice system.

After more than an hour waiting, a court representative made an announcement declaring that the premier’s matter had been concluded and simply tossed out among the commotion.

The court later confirmed the proceeding against Dan Andrews had indeed been struck out, but could not provide an explanation as to why.

It was not only a nothing burger, the whole thing was a clown show.

For near on an hour, thousands upon thousands of ordinary people were able to link into the court hearing – many of whom chose to keep their cameras running. 

A photograph of Daniel Andrews depicting him as a Chinese dictator was beamed up onto the screen during the live court hearing as wild participants shouted from their lounge rooms. 

At one stage a young child appeared to share an image of himself playing hangman, while another woman checked her emails to the audience of thousands. 

All the while the beeping sound of new participants joining the live link endlessly chimed, sending viewers stir crazy. 

Painful hold music further angered court users, who messaged, rang, and verbally begged court staff to mute the entire meeting. 

‘Enjoy the hold music, it’s soothing Dan’s soul,’ one person wrote on the court chat.

‘This really is a sham, makes me think the Magistrates Court wants it to fail,’ another wrote. 

The video court hearing was also joined by a flock of chickens, which could be seen wandering about a participant’s yard.

Meanwhile, other legitimate court users were unable to have their case heard as the video link sunk further into the muck. 

‘We’re here for an actual legitimate court case. Nothing to do with Dan. If the rest of you could stop the background palava it would be greatly appreciated,’ one person pleaded. 

In ordinary times, such behavior would have resulted in dozens of people being charged with contempt of court. 

But Covid-19 has seen Victoria’s justice system upended with crooks simply phoning or video streaming in from wherever they like. 

The whole thing was just a frustrating situation for people who want the premier held accountable for his handling of the pandemic and forceful mandates.

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