August 16, 2022

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Police release bodycam footage of Jayland Walker shooting

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Police release bodycam footage of Jayland Walker shooting

Police released videos on Sunday showing eight Ohio cops firing a barrage of bullets that killed 25-year-old Jayland Walker who was fleeing from a traffic stop in Akron and allegedly fired at officers — with the city’s mayor calling the footage “heartbreaking,” the NYPOST reports.

Authorities have not said how many shots were fired at DoorDash driver Jayland Walker, 25, but Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett on Sunday acknowledged the number could be more than 90, with the man suffering at least 60 bullet wounds, according to

The shooting took place Monday after Walker refused to stop for police trying to pull him over for unspecified traffic and vehicle violations.

Jayland Walker

Police say Walker fired a gunshot from his car as he was being pursued.

When Walker finally stopped his vehicle, he got out of the car in a ski mask and ran away from the police, footage shows.

Police said it appears he was turning toward officers, who believed he was preparing to shoot at them, when cops opened fire. One video shows a hail of bullets fired toward Walker, who Mylett said was unarmed at the time.

Mylett said police later found a bullet casing, consistent with the gun Walker had, around the area where authorities believe he shot his weapon while driving.

A gun also was recovered on the driver’s seat of Walker’s car, police said — as was a loaded magazine and what appeared to be a gold wedding band. Walker’s fiancee had died in an accident last month, the Cincinnati outlet said.

Police said during Sunday’s press conference, which was streamed by USA Today, that 40 seconds after the driver fled the attempted stop, a gunshot was heard on officers’ body cams. Officers reported to dispatch a gunshot came from Walker’s car, police said.

Walker suffered more than 60 gunshot wounds, though it’s unclear how many bullets hit him as officials examine entrance and exit wounds, Police Chief Steve Mylett said.

Officers attempted earlier to use their stun guns to stop Walker but were unsuccessful, police said.

A lawyer for the Walker family, Bobby DiCello, said Sunday after the footage was released that he was “very concerned” police alleged Walker fired at officers.

He argued there was no justification for this death. He urged peace during protests.

“They want to turn him into a masked monster with a gun,” DiCello said. “I ask you, as he’s running away, what is reasonable? To gun him down? No, that’s not reasonable.”

All of the involved officers are on paid administrative leave.

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