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Kanye West is buying Parler, deal to be completed later this year

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Kanye West Parler

Ye to buy Parler

Kanye West is said to be on the verge of buying the social media app Parler just days after he was removed from mainstream platforms like Instagram and Twitter for “anti-Semitic posts.

Parlement Technologies, the parent company of Nashville-based Parler, said it expects the deal to be completed later this year. The company, which has raised about $56 million till date, did not say how much Ye will pay for the acquisition.

Parler, which launched in 2018 as a social media app that billed itself as one that allowed largely unmoderated content in contrast to Twitter and other platforms, was recently reinstated on Google and Apple’s app stores after being removed following January 6.

Ye’s comments in recent weeks about Jews have coincided with the end of his corporate partnership with apparel retailer Gap.

Adidas, the German-based sporting goods giant which sells Ye’s apparel line, has announced that it has put the partnership under review.

The rapper has also had problems with major social media platforms, being restricted a number of times.

Most recently, West was locked out of his Instagram by Facebook parent Meta Platforms for posts that online users condemned as anti-Semitic. He then moved to Twitter, posting for the first time in two years.

“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” Ye said in a statement.

Ye seemed to have joined Parler on Monday and had about 91 followers at the time of the announcement.

The American rapper had announced in 2020 that he would run for president in an apparent challenge to former President Trump, but later pulled out.

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