2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Speaks Out After Fox News Departure, Teases Return

  1. I was a little surprised that FOX removed Tucker Carlson the way they did??!! To me it was very unprofessional and a “Slap in the FACE “ to their AUDIENCE!! I have always thought that FOX NEWS had more ETHICS and RESPECTED their LOYALTY to their AUDIENCE, but NOW I know I was wrong, and they have to ANSWER to their $$$$ DONORS, just like ALL the other STATIONS!! Obviously, RATINGS DON’T MATTER!!??

  2. BIDEN is the “PUPPET “ PRESIDENT of AMERICA 🇺🇸!! Anyone, who believes he is making the DECISIONS is a FOOL!! Who is our REAL PRESIDENT, and WHO is MAKING ALL the DECISIONS running this COUNTRY!!?? My GUESS is OBAMA & his LOYAL STAFF!!!!!!!! Wake Up AMERICA 🇺🇸- WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY before the COMMUNIST- LEFTIST DESTROY EVERYTHING that this COUNTRY has STOOD FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a BIG QUESTION because our VOTING SYSTEM HAS BEEN RIGGED!!!!??? PATRIOTS have FOUGHT the ENGLISH during the REVOLUTION, then the NORTH & SOUTH to END SLAVERY!! LOYAL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS MUST DECIDE if this GREAT COUNTRY is WORTH SAVING for our Children & Grandchildren??!! LOYAL AMERICANS Thank TUCKER CARLSON for becoming our “SOLDIER of FREE SPEECH & TRUTH “, and Now 🇺🇸 AMERICANS know he was EXPOSING the TRUTH!!!

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