August 16, 2022

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When teens in MAGA hats met the Native Americans, here’s what really happened

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When teens in MAGA hats met the Native Americans, here's what really happened

As it’s being reported, a group of teens from a Catholic school surrounded Nathan Phillips a Native American man and veteran while shouting: “build the wall” then went on to harass and mock him.

This is what the mainstream media would have you believe and has many on social media spreading.

This has sparked outrage amongst many with the kids from that school now being doxxed across Facebook and Twitter.

Some are reported to be facing suspension as well.

But is the mainstream media narrative exactly what happened?.

No. Of course not, it never is.

What the mainstream media and the people attacking these kids did not show you was the FULL raw recording of the ‘MAGA kids incident.’

If you watch the full livestream video you will see for yourself that there was NO chanting “build the wall”. And they didn’t surround and block the Native man from leaving.

You will also see that the Native American group approaches the kids – who were there for the March for Life rally – about an hour after the kids were already there.

Full video here:

You can also see Phillips approach the kids here:

Nathan Phillips even admits he approached them in an interview with CNN:

“I put myself in the middle”. He says it clear as day. HE approached them. The kids didn’t approach him and surround him.

Another thing to point out is that when the Native American’s were in the group of kids they weren’t being held there like the MSM claimed they were. As you can see in the video Phillips is freely moving around the group and approaches one kid, bangs his drum in his face, stares at him while chanting his song.

He also wasn’t in a mob of angry kids like he said he was.

How was the kid supposed to act? he only stood there staring back. What was he supposed to do?

And no, the kid did not spit in the Native American man’s face despite what you may have heard.

What the media also did not report was this–>

The same MAGA kids that are being labeled bigots defended gay rights that day arguing with homophobes: LINK TO VIDEO HERE (go to 7:09).

Also not reported is the moment one of the Native Americans tells the kids to “go back to Europe, this is not your land”

Joey Salads spoke to one of the kids and found out their intent was not to disrespect the Native Americans:

The Hodge Twins give a good perspective of what really happened as well:

To recap:

Black Israelites yell at Natives.

MAGA students are waiting for the bus.

The Native American group approached the kids in the MAGA hats and drums and chants

The kids didn’t verbally abuse the Native Americans or physically abuse them.

The kids didn’t surround the Native Americans so they couldn’t get out.

Other native gets in argument with a student tells them to go back to Europe.

Natives then leave.

Black Israelites start saying homophobic things

MAGA kids defend gay rights.

Unlike this situation were a vet was harassed and physically abused:

No media outrage and was completely ignored.

One of the troubling parts about all of this is the school the kids attend — before investigating — issued a statement condemning their own students and saying they may be expelled.

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