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Home » CNN contributor blasts Chris Cuomo for spreading fake news about Trump

CNN contributor blasts Chris Cuomo for spreading fake news about Trump

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CNN contributor blasts Chris Cuomo for spreading fake news about Trump

CNN commentator Steve Cortes blasted his colleague, Chris Cuomo, for spreading “fake news” about President Trump during a heated debate about his recent outreach to Hispanic voters.

CNN contributor Steve Cortes was asked how President Donald Trump can “love Latinos” after saying “so many anti-Mexican” and “anti-Puerto Rican” things. Cortes insisted that Hispanic Americans want “results” and pointed to rising incomes and small businesses within the community.

“This president has simply been an amazing leader for Hispanics,” Cortes said. “I think a lot of Hispanics look at Donald Trump and they may say, ‘Look, I would like him if he phrased things differently.'”

Cuomo dismissed the argument claiming President Trump has consistently “denigrated” the Latino community. The CNN anchor also knocked Trump’s support among Hispanic voters, saying Trump has “a third of them at best.”

“Put that in context,” Cortes responded. “A third of them, Chris, is incredible compared to expectations.”

“For someone who says bigoted things about them, maybe,” Cuomo shot back.

“No, he does not say bigoted- that is not true,” Cortes reacted. “Now, that is fake news for you to say that.”

The conservative pundit went on to argue that “what’s bigoted” is making the southern border a “racial issue when it’s not.”

“America is not a race, so by protecting America, you are protecting Americans of every color, whether they are brown or black or purple,” Cortes continued. “But what has the media done on a consistent basis? It’s trying to make his tough border policies inherently or systemically racist.”

“Because he has depicted the people who are coming to the border as savages who are bombarding the gate,” Cuomo interrupted.

“Some of them are,” Cortes told the anchor. “Some of them are, Chris, and we know that.”

Cuomo later slammed Cortes for being Trump’s “echo,” something to which Cortes took offense and prompted the host to apologize.

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