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Jeffrey Epstein ran a sexual pyramid scheme, used young girls to recruit other girls

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Jeffrey Epstein ran a sexual pyramid scheme, used young girls to recruit other girls

31-year-old Courtney Wild has spoken out about when she met Epstein in 2002. She told the Miami Herald that she was 14 and still wearing braces when she recruited girls for him until she was 21.

Wild said Jeffrey Epstein preferred girls who were white, looked prepubescent and were very easy to manipulate.

“By the time I was 16, I had probably brought him 70 to 80 girls who were all 14 and 15 years old. He was involved in my life for years,” Wild told the paper. “He told me he wanted them as young as I could find them. … He wanted as many girls as I could get him. It was never enough.”

As with many of the other victims, Courtney Wild fell onto hard times. She was released from prison just last month after serving three years on drug-related charges.

The 31-year-old is now part of a lawsuit that says federal prosecutors broke the law when they cut a plea deal with Epstein without informing his victims.

Joseph Recarey, one of the detectives who was on the case, described the pattern of abuse as being like a sexual pyramid scheme.

“The common interview with a girl went like this: ‘I was brought there by so and so. I didn’t feel comfortable with what happened, but I got paid well, so I was told if I didn’t feel comfortable, I could bring someone else and still get paid,'” Recarey said.

Just about all of the girls told the Miami Herald a similar story about their encounters with Jeffrey Epstein.

The Herald reports that after another girl recruited them, they would enter Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach home through a side door, where a female staff assistant would give them the option to eat in the kitchen before they were sent upstairs to the large master bedroom, where Epstein would be waiting in a towel, according to the Herald.

According to police reports the Herald reviewed, Epstein would tell the girl to strip, lie face down on the massage table, then at some point flip over and start to masturbate.

He would then take a shower and dismiss the girl, the Herald reported.

One girl reportedly told police that she was recruited when she was 16 and for more than a year, she went to his house hundreds of times and had sex with a “sex slave” while Epstein pleasured himself. While she was firm that she didn’t want to have sex with Epstein himself, she says one day he held her down on the massage table and penetrated her, according to the Herald. She says he later apologized and paid her $1,000.

“You beat yourself up mentally and physically,”‘ one of the alleged victims, 30-year-old Jena-Lisa Jones, told the Herald.

Jones said Epstein molested her when she was 14. “You can’t ever stop your thoughts. A word can trigger something. For me, it is the word ‘pure’ because he called me ‘pure’ in that room and then I remember what he did to me in that room.”

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